BBD9000 Hardware

The major hardware components at the fueling station are the assembled kiosk, the custom-designed interface board (SmartIO) and external components.

BBD9000 case Panel-back Note that shipped hardware may not be as pictured.

BBD9000 Kiosk

  • Custom 14 ga. 13" x 11" stainless steel panel. Electronics mounted on the back with pressed-in PEM fasteners. Cutouts for LCD, keypad.
  • 10"x8"x4" Epoxy/fiberglass enclosure
  • Stainless #10 carriage bolts to flush-mount assembled pannel/enclosure to cabinet, door, etc.
  • No exposed fastener design for maximum security.
  • Sealed Lexan window in front of LCD.
  • Sealed waterproof membrane keypad and motion sensor.
  • Weatherproof ruggedized credit card reader.
  • Watertight conduit fittings on back of enclosure with separate power and signal cable conduits.
  • Separate shielded cables for flowmeter, electric strike/door sensor, and lights.
  • 4-Wire power feeds (Hot/Neutral/Gnd/Switched-Hot): 5' 10 ga. marine-grade stranded wire.
  • All electronic components extended temperature range (rated -5 F - 180 F).
  • Solid-state low-power ARM-Linux CPU ( OLinuXino-MICRO ). No fans, drives or moving parts.
  • USB port led out for network connectivity: cellular wireless modem (included), USB-ethernet, WiFi, etc.
  • Custom SmartIO board with RS232/TTL-serial interface to main CPU.
  • Unregulated 10-16 V DC input or 110 V AC for AC unit (specify voltage when ordering!).
  • On-board regulated and filtered 10 W 5V power supply. Additional regulated 25 W 12 V power supply included in 110 V AC models.
  • Open-Hardware: Technical drawings, circuit diagrams, bill of materials, and SmartIO board layout available on the GitHub project site.

SmartIO-1 SmartIO layout Note that shipped hardware may not be as pictured.

SmartIO Board

  • Custom microcontroller interface board interfaces with display, keypad, credit-card reader, sensors and relays.
  • AVR ATmega324 microcontroller with software written in C (avrgcc) - similar to Arduino.
  • Dual protected universal digital pulse sensors for connection to fuel meter pulsers.
  • RS232 serial interface to credit card reader.
  • Parallel interface to LCD display and keypad.
  • RS232/TTL-serial interface for communication b/w SmartIO and CPU.
  • 75 Amp relay with snubber to control AC or DC pump power (40 Amp recommended max).
  • Current sensor for pump relay to sense user operating the pump.
  • Solid-state relays for DC lights and electric strike (3 Amp max, switched ground).
  • Passive infrared motion sensor to control lighting.
  • Voltage sensor to sense power loss or low voltage conditions.
  • Onboard regulated 5V 2A supply.
  • On-board uninterruptible power supply for proper shutdown & notification during power-loss.
  • Auxiliary (uncommitted in software) protected universal digital input and 3 Amp switched-ground output.
  • Mounted to front pannel PEM standoffs, acts as carrier board for OLinuXino-MICRO
  • Convenient screw terminals for all external sensors and power feeds.

BBD9000 case

Additional Required Hardware (not included)

  • Fuel tank.
  • Dispensing or farm fuel-transfer pump.
  • Digital fuel meter pulser (we can recommend an in-line fuel meter for use on transfer pumps ~$300).
  • High-capacity fuel filter and plumbing for pump, meter and filter.
  • 12 V LED lighting up to ~25W.
  • 12 V DC electric strike (electronic lock) with latch sensor. For e.g. Rutherford Controls RCI-S6508LMKM32D
  • Secure enclosure for unattended use.
  • 12 V Solar systems require ~100W solar pannel, ~100 Ah deep-cycle 12V battery, and appropriate charge controller