BBD9000 Features

The BBD9000 consists of two parts: The point of sale kiosk, and the online coop management system (CMS). The kiosks are not designed to operate autonomously without the CMS. The CMS maintains a database of members authorized to use the kiosk for fueling - this is not a public retail sales dispenser. The CMS also maintains a database of sales, and allows each authorized user to log in and keep track of their personal fuel purchases.

Kiosk Features:

  • Coop/fleet members buy fuel using their own credit cards and a self-assigned PIN
  • "Card Present" transactions for lower credit card charges using
  • New users can buy and renew memberships on-site.
  • Onboard high-current relay controls 110 V AC or 12 V DC pump power.
  • Current sensor detects when pump is turned on & off by user.
  • Motion sensor controls low-power 12 V DC lighting up to 20 W (lights not included).
  • Electric lock/strike with latch sensor (not included) allows secured access.
  • All components are temperature rated to -20C.
  • Operation from unregulated 12 V DC supply (i.e. Solar/12 V battery)

Online Coop/Fleet Management Software Features:

  • Centrally manage multiple kiosks at different locations.
  • Live fuel levels reported on website
  • Server and database maintains memberships, sales, CC transactions, and fuel inventory.
  • Sends receipts to users by email.
  • Members can login to track their own fuel use, update contact information.
  • Per-member credit tracking allows for rewards, discounts, promotions, etc.
  • Multiple administrator roles:
    • Manage memberships, track fuel sales, generate simple sales reports.
    • Track inventory, deliveries at multiple kiosks independently.
    • Set fuel prices remotely, with optional member, non-member, "employee discount" fuel prices.
    • Email alerts to administrators for low fuel and other operational anomalies.
    • Bulk email to members with announcements, service outages, etc.
    • Over-the-air centrally managed software updates.

Security Features:

  • All communication over wireless cellular network. No separate network access necessary.
  • Encryption and authentication in both directions with 1024-bit RSA (soon: 4096-bit RSA) for all communications.
  • The electronics are behind a 14ga (> 1/16") stainless steel plate, with no exposed fasteners.
  • The fuel pump is un-powered and an enclosure is optionally lockled until a member successfully authenticates themselves.
  • Ruggedized, weather-proof credit-card reader, LCD display, keypad
  • Open-source design ensures verifiable security